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Unit 6 was a very similar layout to unit 4 and really explains the past tense very well, this unit puts the affirmative, negative and questions into formulas that you can understand and figure out for yourself. They also have some nice teaching ideas to make it fun for students so that they can memorise the past tense visually by using mime, picture cards and prompts. I also really like the CV idea as this is something that every student will need to use at some point in the future.Unit 17 is simply amazing. Personally for me it is amazing because I found out about a variety of websites with teaching materials that I've never heard about before. These websites are carefully chosen and well structured. This makes it easier to use and not to spend too much time on the internet while searching for the ideas or needed material. Also this unit describes different kind of equipment that can be used in the classroom, while giving some tips of using them effectively.