TESOL Jingjiang

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G.K. - Canada said:
As a English language instructor in a university in China, I have a tendency to lecture on various social topics or things of interest to warm up each class. These are diversions and rarely related to the language we will be studying that day. I don't know if that would be considered appropriate by international TEFL standards or not, but it helps to break the ice with shy Chinese students in large classes who are often reluctant to speak out on their own for even the simplest language. In an ideal world I would make great use of pair work (and I do) and group work, but the size of my classes and the tendencies of my students make group work almost completely ineffective as discipline goes out the window and talking descends into almost exclusively into Chinese chattering. The couple of times this happened to me, I had to shout just in order to be heard and I never really regained control. I really like the techniques and organization presented in this lesson, and I have used them in the past, but here in China with my large classes more traditional, teacher-centered approaches are most effective. That means lots of drilling, but fun pair work as well. Whole class games work well too, but group activities do not. So it all depends on the situation you are faced with as an instructor.