English Grammar - Past Perfect - Teaching Ideas - Teaching English Overseas This teaching idea for the past perfect involves matching pictures of historical events with the appropriate sentence and describing what had just happened in the picture using the past perfect tense. For example: A picture of the Titanic would be matched with the sentence "hit an iceberg" and the student should say "It had just hit an iceberg". As the trainer notes in the video; the scenarios in this activity are western centric. When Teaching English overseas it is important to bear in mind how you can adapt your activities to make them more suitable or more interesting to your students. Learning about the local culture and history can make your lessons more relevant to your students and therefore more engaging. Are you ready to live and teach abroad? Click here and get started today:

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It is interesting that ESA is now a predominant method. I can see how each phase can be adapted based on the learning outcome, the age and level of the learner. I look forward to using this method as the examples given are relatively straight forward and the sequencing is also not difficult to remember.All this while I was using the terminology 'mistake' and 'error' synonymously. Now I realise that there is a subtle difference between the two words. I am made aware of how to deal with the students without bringing their moral down and to encourage them to try and speak English without any reservation.