Overview of All English Tenses - Present Tenses - Present Continuous - Teaching Ideas


And now we'll take a look at a few teaching ideas for the present continuous tense. The present continuous tense is quite a visual tense. We use it to describe actions that are happening at the present moment. So, we could give our students a picture, such as the one seen here. It is important that in the picture there are many activities going on. The teacher can give a time limit to pairs or small groups. In that time limit, the pairs or small groups will make various sentences based upon what they see in the picture. These sentences may include 'He is taking a picture,' 'He is throwing a boomerang,' 'They are playing with the ball,' 'He is digging a hole.' At the end of the time limit, the teacher will ask for some feedback and get feedback from the pairs and the groupings to see what different sentences they were able to come up with. Hopefully, at the end, the students will have made statements using as many of the pronouns as possible, in this case at least he/she or they.

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I appreciate the links given in this unit. It will greatly help a lot of teachers in looking for jobs abroad. I was able to check some of the job postings but most of them prefer native speakers or teachers not form Asia but US or Europe. It is kind of disappointing though to be honest.In unit 3 learned that maintaining a good classroom rapport with your students and your students to students is really important. In order to manage a classroom students have to have a good rapport with the teacher and their peers. If this can be achieved then the class will run smooth.The parts of speech is always an important and interesting topic to learn i really liked all the question and also learnt that there are 8 parts of speech which i am happy about,i have learnt some of the parts of speech whıch i was almost forgetting by not practıcing all the time.