Teaching Special Groups in ESL - Do's and Don'ts When Teaching Business English


There are some general Do's and Don'ts that need to be considered when teaching business English. Watch this video to get more insight into teaching this special group of learners.

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By watching the two video's you can clearly see how a teacher's attitude and teaching style will have a huge impact on the students and their ability to learn. If a teacher can actively engage the students and give good examples students will be able to grasp the concepts eaier.What I learnt the most is one’s face is their key to socialize with people, so a teacher’s face is much more important because it gives students courage to talk more and be active which is important if you are trying to do S-S type of lessons. Generally helpful lesson.This unit brings attention to all factors of what the teacher and the learner need to do. It explains every quality that a teacher needs in great detail, which allows the person taking the test to really explore what they need to do when becoming a teacher to anyone of any age.