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The seven main tenses used when speaking about the future are: Future simple (subject + auxiliary verb will/might + base verb) eg Amy will cook dinner tonight. Future continuous (subject + auxiliary verb will/might + not + base verb, eg Amy will not cook dinner tonight. Future perfect (subject + will + have + past participle) eg Amy will have cooked dinner by the time you get home. Future perfect continuous (subject + will + have + been + verb+ing) eg By the time you get home Amy will have been cooking dinner for two hours. 'Going to' future (subject + verb 'to be' + going to + verb in base form) eg Amy is going to cook dinner tonight for you. Present simple (subject + verb in base form) eg Amy cooks dinner on Tuesdays. Present continuous (subject + auxiliary verb 'be' + verb+ing) eg Amy is cooking dinner at home tonight.