The Future Tenses - Lesson on Future Tenses in the EFL Classroom


Here are helpful tips how to identify the various future tenses in the English language and complete worksheets successfully. The video also helps you to structure an effective lesson around the future tenses in an EFL classroom around the world.

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In this unit, I dig my memory when I first study English 20 years ago. This reminds me of which words is which, their usage, their position and their meaning. Really useful. I am still reviewing this unit and writing it down in my notebook just in case I forget which one's which.This unit is about equipment and teaching aids. There are a lot of different resources a teacher can use to convey language points to the students. I personally like the option to use the internet because a teacher can always find new exercises or teaching aids to use in lessons.This unit has helped me learn about the kinds of lessons plans that are there. It also shows the many types of games that can be played with the class by making it more fun and educational for the students. It also helps to know that being positive is very important at all times.