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In this unit, I learned about equipment and teaching aids in a classroom. In the beginning, the unit provided examples of most common teaching aids used by teachers. Then, the unit listed each of the teaching aids/equipment and thoroughly explained their usage. For some of the equipment, also the advantages and disadvantages were provided. One fact that I found interesting was that a teacher should always have a back up plan for a lesson, in case the electronic equipment does not work, because it seems like some teachers might overlook this.This unit was very interactive and visual. You were able to see what a good and bad teaching style was and how effective each style was. I was able to see the teacher mistakes and I was able to see the teaching styles and ESA phases in action. It made learning the phases and good teaching methods easier to understand and helped generate new ideas. There were moments when I was a bit confused during the lessons and their ESA phases. The first one was a bad teaching style and the second one flowed so well that I almost missed the Engage phase.