Modals and Passive Voice - Giving Advice


Another way to approach teaching modal auxiliary verbs is in context, for example, "How to give advice". This is especially useful for students of higher levels that have some knowledge of the various modal auxiliary verbs.

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I don't fully understand this. But I do want to note that I do love trying to study and be outside of my comfort zone. And this fully puts me right into this. Even though I was born in New Zealand. This is by far my worst subject throughout the entire school years as a student.Through this unit, I have understood the use of course materials a lot more. The unit gave a lot of important uses as well as disadvantages of course materials. I have also learned the different types of course materials. Once again, I was able to practice ESA on the unit test.As informative as I feel this section was, I feel it is somewhat redundant as teaching styles vary person to person and this section is also largely opinion based. There are many things that make a great teacher, however, and some of them were definitely listed in this section.