Conditionals and Reported Speech - The Mixed Conditional


The mixed conditional deals with the present results of imaginary situations in the past. This video is specifically aimed at teaching the mixed conditional in an ESL setting.

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I learned how to lead a classroom management skills from this unit. and eye contact, gesture and the voice and other types of positions helped a lot. I learned how to avoid TTT(teacher talking time)and STT(student taking time)skill to the levels of students. Thank you very much.This is my last test. Thank you for all the information and help provided. I am also very grateful for the hints, materials and activities ideas. With the help of this course I could improve weaker parts of my teaching skills and strengthen the good parts. Once again, thank you!As I get closer to the end of this course it seems I get tired and I cannot give same 100% like I used to. I feel that the materials are getting harder or the tests are getting more difficult to complete. Nonetheless, this unit was indeed interesting and helpful in a lot of ways