Modals and Passive Voice - Passive Voice Overview


This video provides a detailed overview of the passive voice of the English language. Watch the video to find out exactly what distinguishes the active voice from the passive and vice versa.

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This is similar to present tenses, although related to past time periods. Verbs with irregular simple past form are those that you can't add ed to the end of it. An example of an irregular simple past form is buy to bought and an example of regular past form is shop to shopped.The attitude of a teacher is very important to ensure the success of a lesson. A positive and encouraging teacher would mean that students are more likely to engage and participate. Body language and non-verbal communication is also important in setting the tone for the lesson.Unit 5 it's fully loaded with great information about class management, and how to keep control of the class as well as establishing a good rapport with the students. Also it's good to know how to control students behavior in professional way, without breaking TEFL/TESOL rules.