Conditionals and Reported Speech - Backshifting Places


There are certain words that need backshifting when using reported speech. In this video we look at backshifting places in reported speech. This video is specifically aimed at teaching reported speech in an ESL setting.

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this unit was focused on the many rules of the English langue and how and when to properly use them in the construction of sentence writing. There are many rules in the English language, this unit help clarify some of the rules and gave good definitions and examples of their use.I thought this was an easy to follow unit. It covered all the main types of tests you would have students take, and then the way that each test would evaluate where a student is at and how to progress forward in the class based on the information. I thought that was very helpful.I enjoyed learning about the different methods and lesson plan models. I also appreciate the activity examples given. However again, with this test. The hypothetical questions are cumbersome. Direct questions are more useful to gauge if I have actually learned anything concrete.