Conditionals and Reported Speech - Reported Speech Teaching Ideas


This video presents a teaching idea for reported speech. The activity includes having the students walk around the classroom asking other students for various bits of information. At the end of the activity, the students will report back the answers in reported speech.

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A course book can be used in the class though it has disadvantages and advantages.Before the class,theachers have the responsibility to analyze the books and prepare teaching materials.Although,courese books always consist of materials and teachers need to take advantage of them.In this lesson I was able to learn what was very similar to the other lessons on tenses. The more I have learned the easier it has become to grasp this knowledge. This lesson was very helpful in learning the ryhme and reason behind the structure of these different types of forms.I thought this was an interesting and thought-provoking lesson. I certainly enjoyed exploring the many options I may be able to use when I do teach. My eyes were also opened to the pros and cons of each, and it made me think more openly about which option I would possibly go for.