Blue Collar - English Idioms


The idiom "blue collar" refers to manual labor or industrial work. The term comes from the usually blue overalls manual laborers would wear in factories etc

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Ok, nearly forgot about this part of the test. Well, I can certainly state that the long list of abbreviations is a bonus – I don't have to google them anymore. The course content looks good and the Prospects section provides a good set of basic guidelines. So I'm good to go.Honestly it's like sitting in elementary school again and learning the basics and its honestly refreshing. Being able to refresh parts of speech with this in detail helps start to formulate how to approach how you want to teach. I have to think back to how I started to understand.As a native speaker I feel I know most of this automatically. However, to understand why we use the words we use is very important. Students of English will ask many questions about these details. English teachers would do well to know the parts of speech and how to teach them.