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V.M. - Costa Rica said:
This 6 pages unit is welcome because it gives an idea of what could be the teacher's first lesson ah how his class could probably configurated. New teacher may be faced with a number of new classes for the first time. Such class can fall into two categories: new group, where the students don't know each other; and existing group where the students are already likely to know each other. When faced with a first lesson the experienced teacher will try to use activities that will: achiev rapport between the students and also between the teacher and the class, find out about the students, etc. One of the greatest problems that teachers face is group where students are at varying levels. in such case, teacher should use different materials, using the same material but different task, trying to pair stronger students with weaker noes. But experiences teacher will adopt a mix of all these techniques to enable classes to progress more smoothly. When faced with large classes teacher, this manual recommand the teacher to use worksheet, to make use of pair/group work and choral repetition, appoint group leader, etc.