Cold Shoulder - English Idioms


The idiom "cold shoulder" means treating someone with coldness or ignoring someone. Our example is as follows: Anna is giving me the cold shoulder. She must be angry at me.

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In this unit I have learnt about the different types of tests to give the students. Each test type is for a different reason and all tests should be given at different times. Tests are not only for evaluating students progression but they are also effictive for many other reasons.this unit was enjoyable although it's harder than the rest of the other units. but it was very good time to learn about phonology and to know the correct place for each alphabet. Also the techniques for indicating and teaching intonation was very useful to use it during the class.I was having a little trouble understanding the concept of the difference tenses. But, I see that they not difficult at all to grasp because, I have been using all the tenses in my everyday life but just have not realize if I am using past simple, past continuously tense etc…