Golden Opportunity - English Idioms


The idiom "golden opportunity" refers to a chance that is likely to be rewarding and successful, for example: The low price for the house is a golden opportunity we must not waste. The price for the house is very cheap at the moment, so we should buy it before the price increases again.

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a very interesting unit that got me rethink the importance of reading and listening skills and how to teach in class to strengthen those skills. I enjoyed the teaching materials included in the unit. they can be used as is, or as a template for any text. Informative and educative.Hello! Tenses is one of the most important topics for one to have a good grip over the language. There are a lot of usages of 'Past Tense' explained in this unit. It is quite complex. I took sometime to understand and differentiate between past perfect and past perfect continuous.The English language is a constantly changing and evolving language. It is therefore necessary as a teacher to keep up with these changes and learn them well in order to be able to teach students who are learning English to be better taught and in turn be able to communicate well.