White Elephant - English Idioms


The idiom "white elephant" refers to an expensive item that is costly to maintain, for example: Shortly after Tanya inherited her aunt's castle, it turned out to be a white elephant she could not afford. The phrase originates from a long time ago when white elephants where regarded as precious and even holy in Asia, especially in Thailand. When the king was displeased with someone, he would gift them a white elephant as the upkeeping would likely ruin them.

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Here I so far learned the various parts of speech and their uses. Knowing the right verb to use is one thing and rightly conjugating them to make a good sentence is another thing.There are exceptions to the rule as well. The sentence structure has been well diagnosed and mastered.I have learnt about Class Arrangement, how to establish a good rapport. The possible causes of problem behaviour. Advantages and Disadvantages using pair work, whole-class grouping, working as individuals. The different seating arrangements(orderly row, circular or horseshoe etc).Interesting lesson. Some reetition withh the lesson plan but still not going into depth of the subject enough. This is my main remark about this whole course. Lesson plans are not thoroughly explained and examples given do not represent a lesson plan that would be used in reality.