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The content of this unit covers the present tense in three forms; simple, continuous and present. As a native English speaker it comes more naturally to know which is right without understanding why. I have previously studied French, where I learnt to break down the vocabulary for tenses in this same manner, so I feel like I am able to apply the rules to the forms quickly. I think this would be a good topic for students to learn about each other by asking each other questions and then relaying that information to the rest of the class.This unit covered the difference between different classes with different types of students. The unit covered all sorts of groups from children to adults, or from a class where all of the students speak the same first language or one where they don't. I found this helpful because it discussed the advantages and disadvantages for each class (students being more or less motivated, and such), as well as useful tips for teaching these classes (having shorter activities for younger classes where the students lack in longer attention spans).