How to Pronounce 'AMPHIBOLOGY'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word amphibology. This word refers to the ambiguous meaning of sentence due due to confusing grammar patterns. A good example for this would be He sees more of his children than his wife. This sentence is an amphibology as it has two meanings. It could either mean that the husband sees his children more often than his wife sees their children, or it could mean that the husband sees his children more often than he sees his wife.

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I have learned that it is extremely important when dealing with young learners, to be sensitive to the varying needs of each age group. Each student's motivation for learning English needs to be established at the beginning, in order to address/teach that student to suit their needs.This lesson is a great introduction and an overview of a teacher and students. It is a helpful reminder of my teaching methods class that I took a long time ago. I think it is important to outline students' differences due to their age differences early in the beginning of the course.It's always important to be clear on what to expect from a course. This is a great introduction, explaining the course aims and objectives, as well as basic lexicon that will be needed to understand the course material, and an outline of how the course will be organized, thematically.