Ask Linda How To Pronounce Deterioration


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "deterioration". This word is used as a noun and describes the process of something becoming progressively worse. Some synonyms for deterioration include decline, collapse or drop.

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This lesson was great! I learned so much about the structures of sentences. It also helps that I have been to another country and have seen the common mistakes in their speech. This will help me to better explain and teach my students how to properly formulate and structures their sentences.This section is quite obvious as a casual teacher, though I recognize the need to for it to be included as a unit. This chapter is an addition to what I already know. The usefulness of visual aid is necessary and intrinsically connected to teaching ease and effortless digestion of teachings.I enjoyed this unit a lot, especially the online resources given. It's so important to have a variety of teaching aids to teach a foreign language. Students get really bored if a teacher uses only textbooks in the classroom. Preparation is the key to success. I did not know the acronym CALL.