How to Pronounce 'ILK'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word ilk. This word describes a person or a thing that is similar to a person or a thing previously referred to. Suitable synonyms for ilk are type, category, sort, and class.

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This was the hardest so far. Sometimes its to mush information before the next information comes. But this will not stop me. Its still interesting and i know i will like this job as a teacher. So i will continue study hard. Its so good when you finish something and finally can use it.This unit is all about Present tenses, I learned how to teach students the Present tenses which from present simple to the Present continuous then the Present perfect. And I know as a good teacher should be clear when to use which present tenses and teach my students the right things.Roles during a typical lesson that ranges from being a prompter to an assessor among others and how these roles effect the students' learning progress, determined by their experiences, motivation and behavior that they bring into the classroom according to their language level groups.