How to Pronounce 'LEVIGATE' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word levigate. This word is used as a verb and refers to the action of reducing a material to powder or a smooth paste. The word originates from the Latin 'levis' meaning 'smooth'.

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Content:Teaching special groups,types of classes,teaching individual students,teaching children,the monolingual and multilingual class. I have learnt about the techniques and activities that I can use in teaching specific groups such as beginners,young learners and business students.The unit was a good review of basic grammar use in the English language and the different types of words that make up a sentence. It also highlighted grammar points that seem obvious to a native speaker but would not be apparent to a student, such as the order adjectives are used in.This unit describes the advantages and disadvantages of different types of course material and provides a multitude of examples of good exercises that can be used in both the learning and activate phases. I enjoyed reading the unit but for some reason found the test to be difficult!