How to Pronounce 'OPERATIONALIZE' - English Pronunciation


In this epidose, we cover the pronunciation of the word operationalize. This word is used as a verb and refers to the action of putting something nto operation.

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The unit taught the importance of lesson plans. The idea of a lesson plan is to have a guideline for the class that ensures goals are met and that skills are balanced. A teacher can also use lesson plans as a record of past classes. This can than be used for teacher self-evaluations.The course book is necessary for the teachers to have. It helps to see how and what to teach /prepare. The language vocabulary is a guide as a covered all the lessons. Sometimes teachers need to create the materials as well. Preparing lesson based on course book is good habit to do .This unit presented great summary of the present tenses briefly and their importance in daily spoken .In my opinion to focus on these tenses to teach to stunet and let them know how to use them correctly in their daily seaking will give them great confidence which is very imporatant.