How to Pronounce 'THANATOLOGY'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word "thanatology". This word refers to the description or study of death and of the psychological mechanisms for coping with the phenomena of death. The word derived from Greek mythology where Thanatos was the personification of death.

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In this unit, I've reviewed the modals verbs and the passive voice. so get more clearly about using them. but still the last part makes me feel a little bit confused. for example,intransitive (Type 1) phrasal verb and transitive inseparable (Type 3) phrasal verb. I'll work on them. Thanks.I have learnt in this unit the definition of a gerung and this has clarified my knowledge of verbs, adjectives and nouns. I also have learnt how to compose correct English sentences using all of the English speaking language and the correct use for these words for proper sentence structure.In this unit I learned the different teaching methods that have emerged with time, the pros and cons of each, and most importantly, how the ESA method has been created by combining parts of all this methods , in order to make the learning of English as easy, fun, and atractive, as possible.