How to Pronounce 'YOUTHQUAKE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word youthquake. This word describes a change in cultural standards brought about tastes and values by the young population. The word is a combination of youth and earthquake indicating the power of the young.

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The course book is necessary for the teachers to have. It helps to see how and what to teach /prepare. The language vocabulary is a guide as a covered all the lessons. Sometimes teachers need to create the materials as well. Preparing lesson according to the course book is good habit.Actually this was not anything new for me, and we have about the same grammar for theese sentenses in Swedish. The problem is to explain to the students why you use the grammar as you do, and I have learned more about that. I have also learned some teaching ideas that are very useful.This unit covered the forms of present tense, which seem intuitive when speaking and reading but can become confusing when defining and distinguishing. I do not find it difficult to distinguish between forms, more so difficulty with memorizing the terms and applying them to the forms.