Where do schools provide free housing for English teachers abroad


English teachers can expect a wide range of different benefits that vary from region to region. Regions where you can expect to receive free housing when working as an English teacher include China, South Korea, and the Middle East. Are you ready to live and teach abroad? Click here and get started today:

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This was a very well planned unit .I enjoyed the two videos as I could see some mistakes that I have made before whilst teaching class. I enjoyed the way that the teacher learnt all the names of the students and made them work in pairs. I think the second class was a well-given and planned class.IN THIS UNIT I LEARNT THAT IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE EQUIPMENT AND LEARNING AIDS IN YOUR CLASSROOM WHEN YOU TEACH, IN THAT WAY IT WILL HELP WITH THE LESSON, SOME LESSONS ARE EASIER WHEN YOU JUST PUT IT THERE AND THE STUDENT WILL UNDERSTAND IT BETTER WHEN THE WATCH WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO TEACH THEM.This unit covered lesson planning. This unit I found extremely useful as i am new to lesson planning and making sure my classes run smoothly is one of my 'teacher aims'. The planning and structure given in this unit helped me with said aim, which i will now try to apply in my future lesson plans.