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Completing your training and gaining your TESOL certificate are your first steps towards the exciting prospect of teaching English abroad. The first thing any employer will look for all over the world is that a candidate has an internationally recognized qualification such as our TESOL certificate. Employers will usually expect any candidate to have an accredited certificate which consists of either a 4-week, 120 hours course completed in-class with at least 6 hours teaching practice. A course which combines at least 6 hours teaching practice and 100 hours online study or an online course which consists of no less than 100 hours.

The following criteria should be shown by a provider when considering TESOL certification:

  • All TESOL certification should meet international requirements and standard of teaching English as a second/foreign language.
  • All in-class courses should include 6 hours practical teaching experience with authentic students of English as a minimum requirement.
  • Online TESOL certification courses should not consist of less than 100 hours.
  • All trainee teachers should be continually assessed throughout the course.
  • Our materials, teacher trainers, tutors and our courses in general should be examined and moderated externally by a professional accreditation body.
  • Tutors and teacher trainers should all be highly experienced, qualified and practical teachers of English.
  • The TESOL certificate should meet the requirements of employers all over the world.

A TESOL certificate really is a passport to the entire world. Gaining a TESOL certificate will enable you to travel overseas and find paid work teaching English.

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