TESOL Jobs in the Middle East

The Middle Eastern region has long been a magnet for TESOL qualified teachers who are particularly looking to earn a high salary. Several of the oil-rich states in this part of the world are renowned for their high wages, generous benefits and tax free status. The region is also renowned for its rapid development which has seen vast stretches of desert transformed into new towns, cities and tourist resorts with an ultra modern infrastructure. If you are a qualified English language teacher who is looking for opportunities with a high earning potential, then the Middle East could well be the region for you.

Teaching jobs with the highest salaries and most generous benefits packages are found in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman. Due to the obvious benefits of these opportunities, a high level of qualifications and/or experience is usually required to secure a position and competition for the top jobs is generally very strong. English teaching jobs in these countries are normally arranged in advance from your home country via a recruitment company or online and telephone interviews. For teachers who lack the necessary experience, countries on the fringes of the region such as Egypt and Turkey offer good alternatives as jobs are plentiful and the competition less fierce.

It is worth noting that some countries in the Middle East have rather strict rules and regulations regarding the role of women in society, as well as restrictions on alcohol and social interaction between men and women. These issues may be enough to put some potential teachers off the region, however, others feel that the rich rewards on offer are compensation enough for any difficulties they might encounter along the way. These issues aside, whether you are looking to save up some money, pay off some debts or simply to gain classroom experience in an exotic environment, the Middle East is certainly a land of great opportunity for TESOL qualified teachers.

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