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R.P. - France said:
Besides an excellent review of grammar, of which, as a native english speaker, I thought I knew everything, I learned how to teach. My situation is different from most TEFL students in that I do not intend on traveling and teaching english in numerous countries and cultures. I live permanently in France and my goal is to teach in a junior high or high school and maybe give private lessons to adult business people. After discussing this with other teachers of their own native language, I was told that with my university diploma and english being my first language, I didn’t need any additional education or training to teach in france. However, despite them telling me I am wasting my time and money, I felt unprepared to teach. I had no idea how to go about it. I chose TEFL because if specifically focuses on teaching people who speak other languages. I’m pleased with my choice and while I feel I still have more to learn and, especially in the beginning, each class can be a learning experience for me, I finally feel as if I can pursue teaching positions without feeling as though I would be an ineffective teacher.