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J. F. - Japan said:
Motivation in the ClassroomMotivation in the classroom is an essential factor for classroom effectiveness and school improvement that involves “RESOURCES/TEACHERS/STUDENTS' ABILITY” Teacher motivation has to do with teachers' desire to participate in the education process by imparting knowledge to his/her students because he genuinely cares for his students. Motivation is not completely a new term/word. What is interesting about it is that it is commonly assumed to be a good thing that goes in influencing individual's behavior and performance at work that involves teachers and students. Teacher motivation naturally has to do with teachers' attitude to work. It has to do with teachers desire to participate in the pedagogical processes within the school environment. It has to do with teachers' interest in student discipline and control particularly in the classroom. In the circumstances whereby a teacher intensifies effort to translate educational philosophy and objective into knowledge and skill and transfers them to students in the classroom, and when students' lack of motivation/interest issue take place in the classroom, the teacher cannot force students, rather he/she continues on encouragement. Of course I remember the fact that some students are not motivated to learn at all especially young students who are totally different from adults, but still encouragement is of vital importance to those who lack interest/motivation in classroom environment. Resources play a great role in motivation in the classroom. Acknowledged that schools in developing countries are fast decaying. The “rot” in the system ranges from shortage of all teaching and learning resources, except students, to lack of effective leadership and proper motivation of teachers. Some countries in Africa, are unhappy, frustrated, uninspired and unmotivated. School environments are dotted with dilapidated buildings equipped with outdated laboratory facilities and equipment. Teachers at times have to work under the most unsafe and unhealthy conditions. It is not unusual to find teachers and students interacting academically under collapsed school buildings. Likewise students are sometimes left with no option but to receive lessons under shades/canopies and open roofs while teachers make do with the little available outdated materials at their disposal to teach. This has no doubt, translated into teachers' low morale which in turn translated into students' poor performance in external examinations, their involvement in examination malpractice, cultism and other negative dispositions (Vices). The whole education system is a tale of woe. For example, some countries in Africa, teachers would not be paid salary for several months. Yet every parent wants his child or children to acquire education and skills through teachers but apparently none seems to worry whether teachers can cater for their families, educate their children, settle bills and contribute meaningfully to community development. To generalize motivation in the classroom, it includes all individuals; people in power in the country, teachers, students and parents. The root of motivation in the classroom comes/depends on a country that really provides the necessary needs to the school and teachers to transfer a pragmatic knowledge and intellectual vitamins to students of great ambition to learn. Of course the intrinsic value of education also involves industry. As we all know that industry is the secret of success. When one is industrious, he/she can always achieve the maximum satisfaction. Having pointed several factors that are the principle figures responsible for lack of motivation in the classroom, there's need for a practical help and a tender effort from common humanity base on cooperation and reciprocity.