Authorised TESOL Diploma

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J. J. - Spain said:
Why complete a TEFL courseTEFL (Teaching english as a foreign language) I have lived in Spain for 18 years now, and until my son was born, I was forced to speak more spanish than my own native language. I sort of abandoned my english, and it wasn`t until my son started to study english grammar at school that I realized I couldn´t help him. I didn´t know which verb tense was which and when they are used. I couldn`t explain why words were pronounced the way they are. So I decided to do a TEFL course to refresh what I had learnt from my school days. There are many rewarding reasons why an individual would want to complete a TEFL course. Some individuals want to qualify in order to travel and to enable them to live new experiences, see different cultures, and learn new languages. Others wish to qualify in order to learn a new skill and simply, a change of career. For whatever reason, TEFL is unique and offers you what other courses don`t. You will have opportunities to teach english to foreign students in english speaking countries or to travel to more remote parts of the world to teach, for whatever reason you decide to take a TEFL course it will be a rewarding experience never to forget. TEFL opens doors to everyone, from all ages and backgrounds and the good thing about TEFL is that no previous teaching experience or specialist qualifications are required; all you need is to be fluent in english. You can take courses in schools or even on-line and online tutors are available to guide you step by step through every unit offering you advice based on their own life experiences. You have the ability to learn new skills and techniques while dealing with people from all around the world. You will have an introduction to english grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, learning, reading and writing techniques. You will be shown how to teach phonology by how each word is pronounced, how it sounds, and how it is spelt. Learn how different time references can refer to different tenses and how the same tense can have different functions. You will be shown how the past, present and future tenses are formed and how to teach them effectively to your students. You will be faced with student motivation, teacher’s roles, student’s levels and classroom management and you will receive plenty of practice writing up lesson plans, using interesting games and activities with different parts of speech and by learning new language. You will be provided with the necessary information to carry out, reading, writing, and listening tasks and will be taught how to teach receptive and productive skills, special groups, business english and english for young learners and how to correct their errors and encourage feedback. Most of all you will know how to give an effective english lesson with only basic resources. There are a vast amount of personal skills that we will learn while trying to be good teachers and you will have fun while learning to be a manager, organizer, assessor, prompter, participant, tutor, facilitator, and observer. When you start teaching, there will always be opportunities to do private lessons, and earn extra cash. Learning what to do with one-to-one students or larger groups is essential for any first-time teacher. This course will build your confidence, give you additional skills in delivering lessons for different ability groups and help prepare you for the different classroom scenarios you could find yourself teaching in! Completing the course with an international recognized certificate creates a beginning of a new experience for teaching non- english speakers and opportunities to travel, for employment and personal growth. Whatever you decide to do on completing your course, it will be a rewarding and potentially life-changing experience. I have been asked many times to give english lessons, and other than helping children with their homework, I have had to turn down many opportunities because I haven´t felt confident enough or through lack of experience. I have already tested out my lesson plans that I had written up for previous assignments and I was surprised how well they worked and how enjoyable the lessons were for the students. After completing this course I will feel confident enough to walk into a classroom and teach english.