Best TESOL Cities

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E. F. - New Zealand said:
This has been not only an excellent refresher of my high school english, but an enjoyable, achievable course. Ever since I started travelling at the age of 15, I have wanted to become an english teacher abroad. Circumstances at the time prevented me from finishing my teaching degree at university, but this course allowed me to complete my assignments even while working full time. The course has given me a set of skills which are invaluable, and the knowledge and confidence to use them. At the end of the year I am departing on yet another extended world trip, beginning in South America. The last trip involved working in a night club for 4 Euros per hour – perhaps this time I can get a more rewarding and fulfilling position teaching english! Eventually I would like to settle down in Malta for a while, and as the island is rife with english schools I’m sure a position teaching there wouldn’t be too hard to come by.