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J.B. – Greece said:
When I first made the decision to make a new life and move abroad, I had to factor a number of things: Personal – family and friends, it was inevitable that I was going to miss them. Professional – career satisfaction, challenges, work ethics and having the opportunity to continue on the wheel of learning CPD. How/when/where was I going to do this? Arriving in a country where the language and culture and totally different from my own native tongue, my first challenge was to enroll in the greek language classes. During this time I not only had group lessons but I also took one-to-one lessons for an additional boost to assist in the weaker areas of my learning progress (however the greek language is still a continual challenge for me!). When I was in the process of moving abroad I had heard from a number of people about TEFL and with the background that I had with working with education and also younger children in group and classroom environments. I thought that professionally I had a good platform to build and develop. So by taking a TEFL\TESOL course it would be a very useful and rewarding addition to my career development. Taking this course with your company has been a fantastic insight to building a foundation for me to start teaching my native language to foreign students of all nationalities. All of the things that we take for granted when we ourselves are at school as youngsters have flashed passed me many times during this course. Even though I have myself got children that have gone through the educational system, many of the teaching modules have been a great challenge: Grammar – I have gained knowledge and confidence that I can now share with more consistency. Being able to verbally communicate with confidence will be advantageous to me more now to pursue and secure a teaching opportunity either one-to-one or in a school. Reading and writing skills – by far have improved and I can say that although I have left a professional career in business behind we get lazy with all the text jargon and forget to use the correct terminology. This course has made me think again! Watching the CD video was a good chance to identify the differences that a good and bad teaching experience can give students. I myself may have mentioned before that I did have a teacher that came across to me as ‘eccentric’ and I did change class. However, she is known to some as ‘eccentric Rosa’ but has fantastic teaching skills, so we all have a different approach and this is how your course can infuse this to learners with this teaching course and CD. Classroom management, methodology and teaching skills – Your units covering these areas gave me what I required and taught me that the english language takes a fundamental and crucial role to enhance communication when teaching. The way that the information regarding lesson planning was implemented was clear and very beneficial. It clearly set out teaching objectives, contexts and to highlight any foreseeable problems, while following a timetable that is of course flexible to the students needs and the essential teaching structures i.e. ESA. Working to a well planned timetable of modules and having to absorb the information completely I have acquired an understanding and awareness of essential information from the reading materials and opened a door for further research that will be crucial for my teaching career.