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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

A.S. –U.K. said:
The contents of the course are very brief, but easy to understand and follow. Although I am an experienced english language teacher, I still learned different things that I had not known before. I learned how to teach the grammar in a simple but at the same time correct manner. The ESA lesson was totally new to me, and I think that it could work really well, much better than the lesson I used before. I am going back to my own country in summer and I will continue teacher’s career in my previous secondary school on the 1st September 2012. I will use the ESA lesson, try to be more creative and flexible, be more critical towards course books. And I will teach all things in english, because previously I explained grammar in students’ native language, gave translation of words. I learned during this course that it is not the right thing to do even with the young learners. I received lots of information about different internet addresses where it is possible to create my own materials for the lesson and find different games, I will definitely use this information. This course showed me how a teacher can create something out of ‘nothing’. I liked that unit where I had to use some comedy to plan a lesson. In the beginning I felt absolutely devastated because it seemed something impossible, but when I started looking at the situation and thinking it turned out to be the most interesting event. I understood that I have always been too ‘straight’ and ‘correct’ relying too much on a course book or any other ready-made material. Probably it was like that because english is not my native language and I thought I could not make myself anything suitable. In other words, this course showed me how to be free, without boundaries or frames and how to turn all possible materials into the ones suitable for my classes. I found all methodology materials like teaching new vocabulary, teaching receptive and productive skills, lesson planning etc. very supportive and easy to follow. They gave me new ideas which I will definitely use in my job. A separate story was a CD lesson. It was really worth seeing two different kinds of lessons because no telling or explanation would have been so obvious and precise. It showed clearly how a teacher has to behave to establish rapport with students, motivate them and keep their interest during the lesson. It is very good that I will have all the materials I received and also the ones I made myself during this course. That means I practically cannot forget anything because I will always have somewhere to look at. I hope my lessons will be more interesting and productive, the ones where students come with positive feelings and loads of energy.