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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

C.E. –U.S.A. said:
We have learned a lot from this course and noticed some areas where we were neglecting entirely in the classroom. Chris and I both work as ESL instructors and we both have degrees unrelated to english, Linguistics, or education. This course has taught us a great deal of useful information that we are eager to put into practice. Grammar is something that a native speaker of a language learns mostly intuitively. While we are usually able to speak in perfect grammar and detect even the subtlest mistakes in spoken english a native speaker has trouble putting this knowledge into words. Especially words that someone who is only learning english could understand. This has been one of the areas that we have felt we benefited most. Organization is another area that we feel the course has done well in. It explains well why a teacher should organize and create lesson plans. Prior to course my lessons were more free flowing but I’ve started using the lesson plan template and it has been an improvement for me and will definitely help in the future The reinforcement of the Engage – Study – Activate lesson paradigm has also been a boon to us. It gives a good idea of what a lesson should entail and showed me some of the areas where I was lacking. With the new knowledge I feel that we will create better structured lessons in accordance with the Engage – Study – Activate paradigm. In conclusion, while the course has taken a good deal of time and effort over the months we feel that it was been worth our while and that we have benefitted from it substantially.