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J.C. - U.S.A. said:
Pronunciation problemsPronunciation plays a huge role in the english language. Simply due to a slight change in the pronunciation, it can change the entire meaning causing a huge misunderstanding. Most of the time pronunciation can be cause by a lack of confidence causing the individual to shudder and end up expressing something else. The problem with pronunciation mainly occurs to individuals from different countries speaking a different native language causing them to have an accent when they try to speak a second language. One of the known examples would be when individuals try to say “Thank You”, “Th” in the work “Thank” gets pronounce with the letter “F” or the letter “S”, causing it to sound like the individual is saying “Fank You” or “Sank You” instead. Since “Fank” isn’t a word, the listener would just be confused. While the word “Sank”, the listener will be clueless because they don’t know why they speak would want to sink them and would probably make a bit of sense if they are out on a boat and the listener interpret it as if the speaker is trying to jinx the speaker to have their boat sink. The teaching of pronunciation important because it’s the way a word or a language is being spoken, or the manner in which someone utters a word. Skilled pronunciation teaching is consider successful when the students are able to say the same phrase reflecting various feelings and personal reactions to different situation simply by the change of tone and pronunciation. Teachers often neglected this because most foreign teachers lack the training and confidence to tackle it and most pronunciation tends to concentrate on individual sounds, making it obvious and unnecessary. At often times, the sound that the individual isn’t necessarily the most important part since it mainly depends on the situation so there isn’t really a standardize way but it would be at best to pronounce it at their best ability so at least the listener can try to guess what the speaker is trying to say. Pronunciation can affect the understanding and the full meaning of what is being spoken and express. Stress or intonation can both change the meaning of a word or sentence. The wrong pronunciation can cause misunderstanding and mean something entirely different from what you are trying to express. Aside from just pronunciation, the students can work on phonology; a study, science, analysis, and classification of the physical properties of sounds. If there is really a huge difficulty in trying to pronounce the word that is foreign to the individual, they can substitute the breakdown of the word into certain words and sounds that they are comfortable with in their native language to help them pronounce the word at their best ability for accuracy and clarity.