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A.E. – U.S.A. said:
The lesson plan you will see attached is designed for students that have some english knowledge but will be perfectly adaptable for students with less approached to the english language, in that case more language body will be use, including short role plays with me and one volunteered student. I would focus more on the words, e.g.: “where are you from?” I would use visual aids like maps or pictures from my country and the country where I will be teaching to that group of students. The first lesson implies a lot of preparation and has to be tailored to the group. –If they are school students, business employees…...etc.- I would give them a questionnaire to see their individuals levels after we break the ice with some activities that will aloud me discover the pace of the group and their interest. In the questionnaire will be questions discussed in class so I can learn their comprehension level. The game I will prepare can be adapted to all ages and level. Rules will be shown to the class as well. The first lesson is very important to establish a good relation –teacher /student- and will lead the success of the following classes.