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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

S.C. - New Zealand said:
I have personally gained a much better, more detailed understanding and knowledge of my own language (english) and a greater appreciation of the issues that students of english face. I have often heard that it is the hardest language to learn because the “rules” are broken all the time in everyday conversation! However, I have gained a good knowledge of how to create and communicate rules to students so that they can understand the basics and communicate with other english speakers, whether native or foreign. I also now understand a lot more grammatical parts of the language that I didn't know before – as native english speakers, we don't usually get taught these things! I plan to put what I have learned into action by making clear and detailed lesson plans that concentrate on making the language simple and easy to understand, with lots of fun Engage and Activate phases and a real emphasis enjoying the language. In my opinion and from what I have learned, the more enjoyable you can make a lesson and the more interested you can make the students, the more they will concentrate and absorb what is being taught. I will also ensure that I always connect with the students, learning their names and taking an interest in what interests them, gearing the lessons towards these interests. When the students are feeling positive, they are more likely to take in what is being taught and this makes teaching the trickier parts of the language much easier. Following on from this, I have also learned that, more often than not, the way a teacher interacts with students, their personality, positivity, tone of voice and enthusiasm is just as important as the language and the technicalities they are teaching. I plan to always keep this in mind when teaching and ensure I put it into practice throughout my classes, using it to help support the lesson plan and encourage students to learn as much as possible in as positive an environment as possible.