Comprehensive TESOL Diploma

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T.B.- Japan said:
This course has introduced me to a wealth of information about the field of pedagogy. It has taught me to assess myself as an instructor and strive to find ways of giving my students the best english education possible. The diversity of this course has also helped me to reinforce my knowledge of some of the grammar rules that I learnt as a child. Therefore, from a theoretical perspective I am grateful for these review chapters as I will be better able to show my students how grammatical concepts can be analyzed. Throughout the duration of this course I have also learnt how to craft lesson plans which is an invaluable skill for teachers. By taking a look at critical components of education such as types of learners, lesson planning and phonology, I feel as though I have grown professionally and personally. I intend to utilize all of the information that I have received to shape my approach to teaching english as a foreign language. I will use what I have learnt to be an inspiring teacher who provides for the needs of all her students.