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J.R. - U.S.A. said:
english as Global Language As soon as I started my studies at the University level in South America, it became clear to me that learning english was paramount in order to make it in the real world. The english language was obviously THE language, for culture and for commerce, for trade and for politics. Growing up as a child in Bogota, Colombia, and studying at the Lycee Francais Louis Pasteur, I was taught that the french language was the “lingua franca”. They were so wrong. I knew that in order to succeed, and in spite of all the efforts that I had made to learn french, I needed to make again an extra effort to learn the english language, and to use it in modern life. I realized that the french language was obsolete and virtually useless in the modern world, lacking any day-to-day dynamic, and lacking any direct capacity necessary to address the important issues of concern to modern humans in everyday society. No one I met spoke french, whereas everyone I met wanted to speak english. Today, I am delighted to say that my mind and my heart belong to the english culture, not to the french culture. There are so few of them, and so many of us. Whenever I have had the opportunity to talk to young families that have little children, I have emphasized to them the importance of learning english as their global passport. english is far more useful than french, now and in the future. french is futile. english is egalitarian. While travelling in Paris, all the billboards I saw on the subway were for english-language study schools. Growing up in Colombia, my french teachers, unfortunately, had made me deeply dislike their heritage and their culture, and I learnt to distrust them because: they were not honest and fair with their students; they did not encourage us as students to experience the french language and culture in a more positive manner; their lessons were not motivational; and, the materials used by them were outdated and distant from our every day reality in South America. They were harsh and cruel; no one listened or learned. I had the good vision to redirect my course in life by choosing to study and learn english on my own. Many of the other children that attended the french school didn’t have the same opportunity as did I. I now know that as adults, they suffer deeply in their daily lives, being captured and controlled by the humiliating memories of their french teachers scolding them in front of the entire classroom, and yet trapped in the misery of not being able to compete today in the labor market simply because they don’t speak english. How unfortunate. At last, because of the study of the TEFL class, I have finally had the opportunity to express my own deepest sentiment for the english culture and the english language. It is a culture that has always welcomed me with open arms. From Australia to england, from Jamaica to Canada, the english speaking individuals I have met have made me feel comfortable and appreciated. Now, I am happy to say, for the benefit of my life personally and for humanity in general, the Magna Carta prevails, not the Napoleonic Code. The english culture is my second home, where I feel loved and where I feel free to speak my mind, to open my heart. On a professional level, english is clearly the arena of modern business communication world wide. As a member of the Anglo-speaking nations, and as the daughter of a developing nation, I advise all children of the world to speak english. If they make the effort to learn the language, it will open the doors of opportunities for them. It is my solemn pledge to continue broadening the influence of the english culture by teaching the english language, as a means to bring fairness to disadvantaged communities, and especially as a means to encourage young girls and women to participate in this beautiful language that respects their individual rights and their different ways of thinking, to “Dream Big” and to achieve those goals that they have set for themselves, no matter how modest their economical background. Simply put: Study and speak english, and be successful in the modern world.