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K. Q. - Spain said:
english as a Global LanguageIn our modern world we can definitely point out that it's main trait is it's ever growing globalization of every aspect of society: politics, culture, technology, economy, business etc. We are connected and interdependent. Past technological revolutions have made this phenomenon possible, and today we can connect with all sorts people all round the globe in an instant. So if we are all heading towards similar directions, we need to communicate at the same level. With the great patchwork of languages that exist, the english language has become the global communication language. english has erased many communication barriers and borders. It is the dominant language in science, business, diplomacy and communications. Our globalized society has evolved thanks to the use of one common language, and this language is english. This is merely a question of past colonizations of the British empire in the 16th and 19th centuries, and thanks to the industrial revolutions that took place in Britain and made it superior to other countries in many different economical aspects. After the Second World War, USA's economic superiority and cultural influence accelerated the spread of this language worldwide. But now days, the growth of the english language isn't based solely on economic superiority of an anglosaxon country, now it is also thanks to the Internet. The technological revolution that Internet has released has accelerated globalization and the need of internet users to communicate between each other. Social networks, forums and the majority of websites have been set in english, and have forced internet users from other countries to learn basic english to understand and navigate with much more ease in this new dimension. Seeing as our society now depends on the Internet to communicate, work and socialize it is a requirement to know english to get around. Cultural influence is also a major factor in the spread of this language globally. Today english is widespread thanks to the popularity of english music, television and film industry. Hollywood's film industry has greatly fixed english as a predominant language, and many individuals prefer to see movies in their original language, thus interesting themselves in the language. Taking into account what has previously been said, it is no wonder that a good level of english is seen as an essential part of a successful curriculum in most countries. A good businessman, salesperson, scientist, filmaker, reporter etc needs english to get around our globalized digital world. This is the main reason people are more and more interested in learning english. There are 375 million native english speakers worldwide, and an estimated billion non-native speakers, this data clearly highlights the impact english has worldwide. But, does the rise of other economies put the dominance of the english language in danger? China's outstanding economic growth has made this question arise. chinese IS the most spoken language in the world (over one billion people speak chinese as their native language). But this language is much more complicated and difficult to learn compared with english, which means that simplicity will probably secure the english language's dominance globally. All in all, the historic, economic and imperialistic events of the past have secured english as the global language of commerce. However, english has become and international language which has brought together cultures and people, making this language attractive and profitable for it's learners and speakers. Hopefully in the future, we will be able to eliminate all communication boundaries speaking english