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L.F. - Canada said:
I’m not sure what I initially expected this course to be like; but I can honestly say it exceeded my expectations. This course made me think of nearly every single teacher I ever had; and their different teaching styles from one another. You underestimate the difficulty of lesson plans as a student, not because you are unappreciative but because you just expect lessons to be lessons. Your mind is occupied by the content and material you are being exposed to. I’ve remembered all my favorite teachers and I’ve realized why they were my favorite; it’s not that I was more interested in Science over Gym but it was reflective of the teachers that taught the subject. If you really think about it, teachers have such a powerful influence on students as people… and that’s something I’m sure everyone can relate to. Besides reminiscing, this course has given me amazing teaching ideas and has boosted confidence in my ability to teach. This started as a vision but has now developed into a dream to travel and bring my enthusiasm and english fluency into a classroom. I want to be someone else’s “Science” teacher whom will always be remembered as an influence and mentor.