Formation TESOL Certificate

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M.F. - Japan said:
As I started taking this course, I have learned a lot of things about teaching english in non-english speaking countries. Based on my experience, I have gone through difficulties teaching japanese students. At first, it was not easy to catch their attention and encourage them. Some students are not interested in studying english, doing nothing or some of them just listen to the teacher but not working on the given exercises. I just do my job and do not force the students to study and to do the activities if you see they are not interested. Lesson planning unit is where I had a hard time to understand, but it is a big help for me as a teacher to make a lesson plan according to the level of your students. Second thing is, this course helped me a lot to recall the grammar rules and pronunciation. Pronunciation is very important to teach and learn because if you communicate to other people, and if you pronounce a word unclearly, there’s already misunderstanding and miscommunication.