Higher TESOL Course

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T.J. – U.S.A. said:
This lesson has given me a better understanding of what I need to expect and prepare myself for, to be able to teach language to foreign learners, it has shown me by video and by lesson, what I can expect to encounter in the classroom here as well as overseas. While I know that it would probably take me a great deal of time and resources to gain all the information that I need, I think this class has built a foundation on the different areas that I need to focus my abilities and attention on. During the time I began the class I had been out of school for the past 30 years so it was quite a shock to try and learn something that was completely different that the normal way I was trained or used to learning taking the time and learning on line is far different than the day of classroom and lecture. The course has given me a broader understanding of different ways to open the doors to english to foreign learners. While I do not profess to completely understand all the material fully, I can't begin to tell you how important and helpful my tutor was in being instrumental in keeping me from giving up all together, I am 52 years old now and they say you cannot teach an old dog a new tricks, well I think that may be true now but with the help of the tutor, good material and some educational videos, I was able to attain and build a confidence that I might be able to do this. I know I am a far cry from the students or teachers that have invested years upon years of their time to studying and teaching english, but I feel that your lesson has given me the ability to think differently about situations. It gave me a great deal of ideas and resources to draw and build my confidence as well as my knowledge and for that I am sincerely satisfied with the lesson and what it has give to me. Taking the time to explain and teach the things that I was still uncomfortable or unsure of was extremely beneficial to keep me on track, it gave me the feeling that even though I thought I had accomplished the lesson at hand that I had been working on, that sometime I needed to take another look and review it in a different light having the tutor helped to accomplish this and much more. I have never been the type of person to ask for help, but having a personal tutor not only helped my understanding, it made me realize that there is always someone that can give you knowledge and guidance if you ask and pursue the things that are important to you. The lesson had such a broad variety of topics that I was able to see as well as learn a variety of aspects needed to become successful in the teaching of english to the foreign learner. It built a strong desire for me to be able to share my abilities and the things that I was learning day to day I have really learned a different approach than what I thought I would take and I believe now that that approach is probably better than any idea or philosophy I might have had about teaching. I would like to try to put into practice some of the ideas and lessons that I have been practicing over the past few months. I think that they will give the students a better opportunity to become a productive learner of the english language. While I do not feel strong enough with the level of understanding that I have to teach a larger group or an older group, I think that I could effectively display the information that was given to me to the young learner, probably because as a young learner myself I would feel as if we had a commonality. I know and have the ambition to teach, I still feel a great deal of nervous anxiety, but I would love to put into practice all the information that I have been given in this course, and see how productive and informative it is to the student learner. I know only time and experience will give me the ability to teach, but this course has given me a concept and ideas that I know will be useful in the teaching occupation and my future as a teacher of english to foreign learners.