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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

W.S. – Greece said:
I feel I have gained an excellent foundation in order to pursue a career in teaching. The course has proven to be an extremely good learning experience for me personally and, without doubt, professionally. I have adapted and improved my individual 1-1 teaching strategies with positive results and feedback from my students. The knowledge I’ve gained from the grammar units has given me the competence and confidence to teach an area of the english language that I’d previously been lacking. This can also be said for the marked improvement in my spelling and literacy, which had diminished due to living in a foreign country and being a full time mother and housewife. In addition to these, the course being online has enabled me to gain desperately needed computer experience which is essential in the work place today. The CD lesson in Unit 10 was an excellent insight into classroom management, methodology, teaching skills required and the necessity of lesson planning. Also, I’ve acquired an understanding and awareness of essential information from the reading materials and further research that will be indispensible i.e. teaching resources/ strategies/ aids and tactics etc. Overall, I feel I have accomplished an important goal through TEFL and believe it will provide a good stepping stone to a variety of career opportunities. On completion of this course I will revise my curriculum vitae and have it translated it into greek (a necessary requirement with the greek authorities) along with the TEFL qualification. I plan to use my qualification to pursue a career teaching in a language schools here in Greece and hopefully expand on freelance teaching on a one to one basis. There is a high demand for both these methods of learning in this country. I have also considered that in the event of my returning to the UK, I would be able to use my qualification to teach in an institution/school of further education.