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J.L. – Korea said:
To summarize a wonderful experience seems inappropriate but taking a look at task 3, I'll get over it. This course was fantastic to say the least and the Ministry of Education here in South Korea should have it be required by all Native english Teachers nationwide. Recently, a major organization that employs thousands of english teachers here started to require a 120 hour Tefl or Tesol certificate so many of us here enrolled in various programs online. My friend took this course and recommended it to me. I was just like him in saying the course is a wonderful experience and we wished we had done it sooner. I have gained a sense of confidence from seeing many of my habits being endorsed here. I also have seen my weaknesses and have corrected them. I have recommitted myself to lesson planning and all the activate ideas I had to think of for the lessons plans throughout this course are being used in my classes. My students love my classes so thank you for putting this course together. A special thanks to my tutor Matt. He was professional throughout and corrected my mistakes and I felt like he actually read my answers. I know that should be a given but it was a pleasant aspect of working with him. He did a masterful job being my guy. Thanks Matt!