Organisation Professional TESOL

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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

K.H. - Morocco said:
Although being a native english speaker, this course has highlighted to me the complexities of the language that I have used all my life. It has also reminded me of the meaning and construction of the all tenses I take for granted every day. Explanations have been clear and very straightforward which have helped with the expansion and refreshing of my knowledge. I can use the simplicity of these explanations when teaching to the students. One of the things I was concerned about prior to the course was how to put a lesson together, what to teach and when. This course has taught me that by providing the structured ESA lesson plan that can be adapted to my and ultimately the students needs. This has also made me think out of the box about how I can make lessons more interesting, involving the students and getting more creative to help with their learning. I found the DVD showing the 2 different classes covering the same topic very useful. It highlighted some easily made mistakes and traps to fall into, but also showed how to avoid them by providing direction on how to make a class more engaging and mutually communicative with the use of visuals, gesture, mime, humour etc. Having an online person tutor has most beneficial. The constructive and positive feedback has been very motivational. It has also given me some direction in how to give feedback and what to give. It’s been useful also to have information on where to source materials that can be used in the class or to further and support my learning. The course has also given me direction in how to identify problems that may arise, be they behavioural, understanding, motivation etc and how to tackle them. All the knowledge I have gained from the course can be put into action by ensuring that each lesson is planned and well thought through using ESA method. I will draw all the variables that need to be considered when conducting a lesson be they grammar, vocabulary, motivational tools and techniques, problem solving etc to make the lesson as engaging and constructive as possible for the students.