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M.G. - Costa Rica said:
This TEFL course has some considerable advantages and it certainly has put teaching english in a new perspective. I have gained tools and resources such as Learning Grammar, english Phonology and Phonetics, and Evaluation and Testing, amongst others, that gave me enough english mechanics that makes me feel considerably comfortable as a TEFL teacher teaching english to a wider audience even monolingual students. My fear has always been teaching english to students with no absolute english now that I have completed this course I now understand that there is a major difference between teaching it and being fluent in english. I now have the basics that will improve the quality of my skills making me a skilled educator and successful in my field. In recent years, I’ve noticed that more and more schools are making a tefl certification a requirement for hiring. Furthermore, the global ESL market is becoming increasingly competitive due to thousands of teachers applying for teaching positions each and every day. This TEFL course has prepare me for a year abroad, will guarantee an increase in pay, and offers job security. I can also use this skills for TEFL in my home country. The best schools in the industry require teachers to have a TEFL certification. The current ESL market has a huge demand for TEFL qualified teachers. I have applied to one of the four world giants of ESL market – South Korea – this year they have change their requirements making a TEFL certification a part of their regular hiring criteria. Due to this it help me land an interview with EPIK in South Korea and I am positive that my experience, the depth of my character and my skills will be president for being an invited teacher.