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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

J.L. - China said:
I started the course coming from a teaching style marked by teacher explanation/translating (instead of teacher elicitation/students’ production), minimum knowledge of areas encompassing the field of english teaching, and appreciation of best practices. Having taught students based on brute force, mother’s instinct, and an energetic personality, taking the course has been a much need, long over-overdue, and welcomed process. Specifically I have gained significant understanding and appreciation of the following: 1. Brute force being replaced by knowledge of best practices. An example is the sequence of EAS. Prior to taking this course, I had some exposure to the PPP method, but I was not fully “with it”. It was more like rote learning - going through the motion but not understanding (let alone appreciating) the steps. Now EAS has grown root in me. 2. Mother’s instinct being broadened by vast activity ideas. The course units provide many ideas for difficult situations. So mother’s instinct is now magnified by 100 and the result is creative choices for different situations and for variety. 3. Energetic personality being translated into productive english learning. Prior to taking the course I could grasp students’ attention with ease but somehow holding students attention was just that, holding their attention. Now I have clear objectives and I am able to channel my energy into students’ learning outcome. In summary, taking the course has taken me from “wanting” to “able” in terms of teaching english as a second language. I have taken the first but a critical step. I plan to spend one hour each weekday doing the followings to further consolidating what I have learned and to put theories into practice when lessons are available. 1. Mondays – Review a unit by going over reading materials, my own work, and my tutor’s feedback. 2. Tuesdays – Design an english Corner lesson for the next day. 3. Wednesdays – Attend the next day’s english corner as a student and learn from that teacher’s lesson and my own lesson. Give feedback to that teacher. 4. Thursdays – Go over our school’s own training material (self created, Jeremy Harmer, and “Shaping the Way We Teach”) relevant to the reviews done on Mondays. 5. Fridays – Write a summary for learning of that week and send it to my mentors in the center.